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At BLUËIN we have 3 types of soles that can be requested prior to the manufacture of the shoes. Below we suggest the type of sole for each type of dance or event, as well as the type of floor on which it is not recommended to use them. 


  • LEATHER SOLE: Ideal for Tango and Kizomba. It allows you to slide but not skid on the dance floor. This sole is ideal for pivoting without hurting your knees, it is flexible and durable, but it should not be used on wet floors, and it is suggested not to use it for a long time on a cement floor.

  • CARNAZA or CHROME SOLE: Ideal for SalsaBachata, Kizomba or Ball Room, as well as exhibitions and competitions of any kind of dance. It is more flexible and prevents skidding on the track in the face of rapid movements. This sole is more delicate so it should not be used on rubber, cement and wet floors.

  • SYNTHETIC SOLE: Ideal for any type of floor, it does not slip, and it is as flexible as a leather sole. Ideal for special events such as weddings, graduations, XV years, etc. and also for ballroom dances that take place on cement floor.

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