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"blúein" (from the Greek βλύειν):  to flow, to emanate, to sprout... because dance is to flow with your feet...

BLUËIN is a 100% Mexican brand of handmade slippers specially designed for Ballroom Dances such as Tango, Salsa, Bachata, or Kizomba. Being designed for dance, they are ideal for Special Events such as Weddings, Graduations or XV Years. You can dance with them ALL night without fatigue!


Our main mission is comfort, so every day we update ourselves with the best technology to achieve maximum comfort. The stability of the shoes is also our main objective, since we know how important it is for dancing.


At BLUËIN we are committed to design, so we keep up with international design trends to provide the latest sltyles without sacrificing the comfort and functionality of the shoes.

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